An easier way to manage your kids' allowances & teach them better money habits

  • Track Spending & Send Money Securely
  • Make Learning Money Fun & Achievable
  • Goal Setting & Spending Categorization

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What We Do

Track Spending & Send Money Securely

Give your child the chance to earn extra allowance and learn the value of a dollar by assigning chores

Make Learning Money Fun & Achievable

Your child gets recognized for having good and consistent behaviour with our unique badge and star system

Goal Setting and Spending Categorization

Children are able to set goals and see where they spent your money, we mean their money.

How It Works

There's an online account for you, where you can set weekly allowances and track their spending habits that is linked to each of your child's accounts.

Money is deposited at a federal institution that we have partnered with (discussions are in progress) so that your money is safe.

All managed through beautiful mobile and web applications that are suited for children and parents.

Each child gets their own debit card, that is usable at over 42 000+ stores, with parental controls.

Only the money on the card can be spent so there's no danger of debt or overdraft.

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Security and Privacy

Zero Liability Purchase Protection

Your purchases are covered by our financial institution partner (name coming soon!)

Bank Level Security

We’re obsessive about security and protect your data with the same 256 bit encryption and physical security that banks use.

Real Time Notifications

With real-time processing and notifications, you know when and where your child spends your money, we mean their money.

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